Ballot to be prepared as LU managers 'attempt to unpick agreed reasonable adjustment'


That we note the resolution from our Bakerloo Line Branch and agree that its not enough for the company to portray themselves as a progressive equal opportunities employer to staff and publicly, if they allow their junior managers to regularly attempt to unpick agreed reasonable working adjustments for our member; which will have a potential impact on all our disabled members of staff.

We instruct the General Secretary to take up the matter in-line with the resolution:

  • To support our member in pursuing an ET claim for disability discrimination against the company.
  • To make representations, via the relevant channels of LU machinery, to the company that any attempt to revoke the agreement to our member's disadvantage will result in a dispute.
  • In anticipation of such an eventuality, to prepare an industrial action ballot of all station grades members on the Bakerloo North Cover Group, with a view to escalation as and when necessary”.

Further; we instruct the General Secretary to place an updated report regarding the outcome of our member's appeal back in front of this NEC.

Members to be advised by email & text.

All operational London Underground branches & the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

  • for full details of this decision please attend your branch meeting

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

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