LU Still Refuses to Discuss Ticket Office Closures

Following the publication, in the Evening Standard, of a plan to close every ticket office on the tube we wrote to the COO demanding an urgent meeting of the stations & revenue functional council.
Having refused to discuss ticket office closure plans at previous meetings we were a little surprised when an ad-hoc meeting was arranged for 5th Sept.
We needn’t have been. Management came to the meeting and told us, again, that they have no plans at this stage and therefore cannot discuss the matter!
The disregard shown by LU towards its staff, your recognised trade unions and the consequences for jobs and conditions of such a plan is appalling.
The same disregard for staff was shown when LU put an advert in the traffic circular for “roving supervisors” on the Wembley Central group.
At a previous company council meeting it had been agreed that further discussions about supervisor cover on the Wembley central group should take place at ACAS. In spite of this the company just went ahead and imposed their own arrangements.
It was agreed at our SFC meeting that these positions will not be filled until these discussions have been completed. LU has undertaken to arrange the ACAS discussions.
The question of staffing on the Wembley Central group has moved on with the threat to introduce mobile supervisors across the network. We will not accept this and are committed to defend the provision of a supervisor on every station, 24/7.
We will, of course, also defend ticket offices. We believe that passengers want more staffed ticket offices, not less. It is also essential to maintain a career path for members working on the tube. SAMF and supervisor jobs must be defended, not only for those already in the grades, but for all those CSAs and future tube-workers, who will need the jobs in years to come.
SFC reps will continue to report to branches and raise these issues with our regional officer and RMT head-office.
We must be ready to fight for these positions and to maintain staffing levels that are safe and allow station staff to provide the service that passengers need.

Download the newsletter, which includes the joint statement of RMT and TSSA stations & revenue functional reps.

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