Met line drivers to be balloted over canteen closure


That we note the report from the Lead Officer; that the company have chosen to ignore the letter sent to them highlighting the issues of the lack of welfare provision for Train Crew members and the serious risks presented by aggressive anti-social behaviour in the surrounding neighbourhood.

By not even replying to our letter they have demonstrated disdain for the union, our members and their own staff which is unacceptable. More concerning is the unsafe position our members have been put in and left in by the company.

The withdrawal of adequate meal break facilities, with the refusal by the company to look at alternative arrangements for staff to use other company facilities, and the precarious position managements unacceptable view that our members can use public commercial food outlets in the locality which is riven with anti-social and criminal
behaviour will not be tolerated by this union.

Therefore, we instruct the General Secretary to immediately ballot all Train Operator and Operator Instructor members on the Metropolitan Line for industrial action.

Members to be advised by email and text. Neasden Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.