Pic & Dic branch raises Night Tube concerns


Our Piccadilly & District West Branch submitted the following resolution for consideration by your National Executive Committee:

“This branch notes the scandalous way in which our night tube drivers are being treated by London Underground.

From woeful training schemes with fractured training sessions to pressurising trainees to sit a test they are not prepared for; night tube drivers are disadvantaged even before they pass out. Trainees are also expected to work for free whilst training.

Once passed out they can look forward to a dangerous staffing levels, dangerous platform areas, high risks of assault, zero support when having traumatic incidents, zero support post SPAD, duties that push drivers to the limit of fatigue, being lied to in what they can and can't do in their role as a train operator to mention a few. All in all a stark contrast to their full-time colleagues.

This has been the case since night tube inception and has still not been addressed.

Despite local reps asking for meetings to resolve issues, management have chosen to bury their heads in the sand, this is not acceptable.

This branch calls on the NEC to declare a dispute with the company and to prepare a ballot matrix for all affected drivers on the Piccadilly Line.”

Your NEC has considered this resolution and has instructed me to obtain a report from the Lead Officer and place this matter back before it.

When the report has been considered by the NEC, I will advise you of any further developments in the matter.