RMT leaflet: defending the TfL pension fund

Dear Colleagues,


You will be aware that the RMT sent an email to our LUL members on 4th January 2021 outlining our disgust and opposition to the findings of the Independent Panel Review in respect of the TfL Pension Fund. As you will recall the Independent Panel Review makes the assumption that the TfL Pension Fund is expensive, outdated and must be reformed, a suggestion that this union totally rejects.

While there are a number of areas the review believes should be considered for change the RMT have included with this circular a leaflet in respect of the suggestion that the fund should be closed to new entrants' i.e. future employees of LUL/TfL. Although no proposals are yet to be formally made it is important that members are aware of the consequences of such outcome as such a proposal wouldn't just impact future employees it could also have dire consequences for existing members as well.

I would therefore ask you to click on the following link to access the mentioned leaflet http://bit.ly/2YqqVK2 and circulate it across LUL to as many members as possible so that we can bring to their attention the realities of such a proposal.

I will keep you advised of future developments.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary