RMT reiterates opposition to any pay freeze
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Correspondence has been received from TfL which sets out the terms of the funding deal the Company have made with the Government in the Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement on 1st June 2021. As part of this agreement TfL have with the government the Company have committed to implementing a pay freeze during the life of the deal except where previous multi-year awards have been collectively agreed with the relevant trade unions.

Under the terms that TfL have signed up to with the Government (“Civil Service Pay Remit 2021/22”) there is provision for employees on an FTE salary of less than £24,000 to increase by £250 to £24,250.

Your National Executive Committee have considered the matter, and reiterated the Union's opposition to any pay freeze, and that we will seek to secure fair pay awards for all RMT members. It was noted that members employed by London Underground will continue to receive pay increases in-line with our existing multi-year pay agreement with LUL.

I will be providing a further report to the NEC addressing the impact on our members at TfL of the measures outlined in the correspondence.

I trust this keeps you fully advised, and I will inform branches of any further developments on this issue.