Tube bosses have failed to offer an acceptable pay increase


Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2019 - London Underground (including Ex Tubelines Staff)

Since the 9th January your negotiation team Lead Officer John Leach and myself have been attempting to negotiate a fair increase to your rate of pay that recognises the contribution you have made to keeping the Tube, and indeed London running.

There has been a record numbers of journeys by the travelling public and you and your colleagues have kept a crumbling network going. But instead of recognising this dedication LUL has failed to make an adequate pay offer that recognises all your hard work and loyalty.

Your negotiating team believe this latest failure by LUL to offer an acceptable increase and their continued prevarication in negotiations has left them with no alternative but to recommend that we fight for justice and fairness in this year's pay claim and ballot the entire membership, immediately, seek the assistance of ACAS to try and breach this impasse, but to also make it clear that we will not rest until All tube staff get a proper pay award and improvement to terms and conditions.

The National Executive Committee will be considering this matter again shortly to give the matter detailed consideration but as you are aware they have already indicated that unless a significant improvement was made to LUL's original offer of 2.5% then a dispute is inevitable. LUL are aware of the Unions position but have refused to make any significant improvement.

I will keep you advised of developments.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary