Tube Driver's Newsletter - RMT Upfront November 2014

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In this edition:

    Regular readers of “Up Front” will remember the report in August describing how Alex McGuigan was wrongfully dismissed following a false positive reading arising from an unannounced breath test. Alex’s rep proved that a number of medical conditions had affected the reading and also that the Drug and Alcohol Procedure hadn’t been properly followed....
  • Night Tube By A Night Mayor
    In the usual way LUL conduct consultation it came as a surprise to the RMT that Night Tube was going to be happening on 15th September 2015 just in time for the Rugby World Cup. So says the Evening Standard: it must be true!...
    Despite an agreement between LUL and ASLEF which ripped up sections of a transfer agreement that made life a lot harder for newer drivers to make savings to pay for a Boxing Day bonus it appears that even this is not enough to tempt drivers at numerous depots to give up quality time off with their families during the festive season, with a lot of depots pulling up short on the required volunteers. This deal was done behind the RMT’s back and attempts made at the time to make amendments to it were refused flat blank by LUL.

Upfront November 2014 by RMT London Calling