Trains Grade Meeting

Train Grades is held fortnightly on Zoom. Please ask your local rep for the link.

Train Grades is a regular meeting for reps and activists to debate issues related to our grade, to report on local issues and to hear reports and ask questions of train functional reps.

All RMT drivers are welcomed and encouraged to attend and help your union formulate policy and build campaigns.

RMT will not tolerate any attacks on Tube jobs and conditions

RMT on reports tonight that Government are threatening a total takeover of TFL

General Secretary Mick Cash said:

"The speculation that the Government are threatening to take direct control of TFL sounds like more  bullying by this administration designed to impose their will on Londoners and ride roughshod over local democracy. 

Tube workers will not pay for crisis with jobs or conditions - download and distribute latest LT regional bulletin

« Any attempt to make tube and TfL workers pay will be met with a ballot for strike action

« RMT is mounting a political campaign to demand full government funding for public transport at this time.

« If the banks could be saved after 2008 then the jobs of working people and public services can be bailed out now.


RMT demand support for taxi trade

TAXI UNION RMT today demanded national, regional and local support for the taxi trade as the exclusion of drivers from financial support packages leaves them facing bankruptcy. ‎

With the second wave of COVID - 19 now battering the whole of Britain, and with localised lockdowns in place, the taxi trade is currently in crisis with hard working taxi drivers facing financial ruin due to the decimation of regular as well as passing trade.

Thales redundancies update


Further to my previous Circular (IR/339/20), Branches will recall that Thales had commenced with a redundancy process with a proposal to make 82 staff redundant from redundancy selection pools containing 137 staff.

Since Thales began implementing their proposals 20 staff have been redeployed with several more potentially being redeployed overseas. 5 staff working in Health and Safety have taken voluntary redundancy.

Supreme Court case likely to have significant impact on RMT holiday pay calculation claim


Further to my previous Circular (IR208/20, 13th June 2020), the Lead Officer, Reps and NEC met with our Legal Department and updated legal advice has been received relating to our prospective legal action to secure the inclusion of overtime in the calculation of holiday pay for members working for LUL.

RMT meets with LU director to discuss financial crisis

Dear RMT members


This morning myself and NEC rep Jared Wood attended a summit meeting with the Managing Director of LUL and others to discuss the above

At the time of writing this update no final deal had been done with government and TFL and management told us that it is possible a deal may not be completed by the 17th October deadline. However, it is management’s view that a section 114 notice would not be required if there was a reasonable prospect of securing a deal by next week.

TfL pension fund annual general meeting

Dear Colleagues,


At a time of economic uncertainly due to the current world health crisis it has never been more important that workers continue to protect and where possible improve their terms and conditions.

Part of these members' terms and conditions are pensions and while there are many of our members facing an uncertain future this union is committed to continue protect our members deferred pay.

Tories launch shock attack on workers education

RMT to work with other unions and TUC in campaign to reverse shock plan to axe the unionlearn programme
Transport union RMT said today that it will be working with the TUC and sister unions to reverse a Government decision to axe the highly respected and vital skills training offered to workers through the unionlearn programme

The shocking decision would smash apart learning and skills programmes for workers, including those facing redundancy, just at the time when off the back of COVID-19 they are most needed.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

Bakerloo News October 2020: outsourced workers fight back

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for workers on the Bakerloo Line from bakerloo branch activists.

In this edition:

  • ABM cuts cleaners’ sick pay, risking virus spread
  • Sodexo threatens to cut canteen job cuts
  • Outsourced workers: fight back!
  • No Zoono? No Service!
  •  SRT update
  •  Disciplined for challenging racism? 
  • Black and ethnic minority members mee
  •  Centre Group update

Please download the newsletter to read it. You can also print it out and distribute it in your Bakerloo Line workplace.