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Why Duty Managers And Admin Staff Should Vote YES for Industrial Action against Cuts

Attached is a leaflet for London Underground Duty Managers and Admin Staff urging them to vote YES in RMT's industrial action ballot, 'Every Job Matters'.

Please distribute. If you would like copies sent to you, please email our Regional Organiser John Leach.

Professional Service Control Agreement

Attached is the "Professional Service Control Agreement" dated 5th January 2005.

This agreement covers all staff who are employed in the Service Control Function in the operation of Service Control and the arrangements for the staffing of Control Rooms and signal cabins operated by LU. This is supplementary to the Company’s “Principles of Employment”.

RMT ISS Cleaners Newsletter

A newsletter has been produced for cleaners working for ISS. It includes information about ISS attempt to introduce 'fingerprint booking on' and explains the unions aspirations for cleaners at work.

Click the attachment below to read it.

MATS Newsletter March 2013

Admin CDI note taking

We understand that management are trying to use the word ‘flexibility’ within your contract to get around the volunteering for this role. We believe this is not acceptable and we will take legal advice on this. The issue has been raised among the RMT senior reps and they are aware of our position in which as we have said before we do not recommend anyone volunteers to undertake this role.

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Staff Side Update December 2012

Winter Weather

The RMT industrial position is that as a working practise, staff clearing snow is something we do. However, the TSSA have a different view that they do not believe it is a job that staff should carry out
However, the safety issues including work place risk assessments, protection and equipment still remain. We continue to raise these with LUL both locally and at council level, and have also issued a special bulletin and pro-forma that is separate from this update giving advice on protection


Olympic Special Stations And Revenue Newsletter

The deal secured by your union guarantees the existing protection of the framework agreement. The RMT alone argued that we were already being asked to work hard enough without selling any hard won protection for a few quid. If you feel that you have been asked to work outside of this agreement or been treated unfavourably then advise your local RMT rep who will take it up immediately . Remember that the framework agreement is there for a reason, it protects our safety, welfare and future at work.You have a right and a responsibility to refuse any duty which breaks that agreement. Only a fool breaks the twelve hour rule.

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