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Canteen Workers Newsletter

You can view the newsletter here. If you want to help out, then please download it using the link below the article, print it and hand it out to Sodexo canteen staff at your workplace.

The RMT is the only union campaigning for Sodexo canteen workers

RMT believes in direct employment of all catering staff. The appallingly low wages paid to sub-contracted caterers has already been described.

London Taxi News Spring 2012 Edition

The latest edition of London Taxi News, an anti-pedicab special, is now availale to download.

In this edition:

  • RMT London taxi branch calls for unity to save trade
  • Unity meeting discusses common approach to review
  • We can't rely on Boris
  • RMT scores major victory over pedicabs
  • Demo at Stratford a great success
  • United we stand - Implementation of identifiers has been greeted by the trade with different levels of

You can download the full newsletter using the link below, or click 'read more' to view the pdf if you have a modern browser.

RMT Platform Feb 2012

Please find attached the latest copy of RMT Platform .Download and print copies for your messrooms and union noticeboards. Read about how the Revenue & Station Grades are working for the memebrs and how and where you can get involved.Its your union,its important for you to have your say.

December RMT Platform Newsletter

Click on the attachment to download the latest RMT Platform newsletter detailing the attacks on Station Jobs revealed in the leaked documents on LU 's 'Operational Strategy'.Through LU’s leaked Strategy Document, the RMT has obtained an important heads-up on LU’s ambitions, so we are better-placed to respond with our own strategy. Below you can read how, piece by piece, they intend to overhaul stations working.

Strike for workplace justice!

The RMT train grades committee has produced a new RMT up front. Click on the link to download it. Articles follow:

Strike for workplace justice!

The RMT has called all drivers out on strike action next week for the reinstatement of Northern Line driver Arwyn Thomas (see overleaf for details).
Arwyn was sacked because he has for 30 years represented RMT members and has loyally argued the union’s corner in the workplace.
He was sacked because LU have been found out as an aggressive anti trade union employer and are targeting reps and activists to undermine union organisation on the tube.