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Newsletter for Duty Managers, February 2010: Grade Progression?

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The final meeting of the Operational Managers Review took place to further discuss the Grade Progression. At the end of the meeting TSSA and BTOG decided they would offer it up to their members with a recommendation of acceptance (ASLEF were not represented at this important meeting). The RMT rejected it and intend to do so at the next Company Council Feb 17th.

RMT Currently Reject Grade Progression For Duty Managers !

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The RMT have today (03 Feb 2010) rejected the draft proposal of the Duty Manager Grade Progression.

We cannot accept that some of our members will have their pay frozen with example of how this would work based on a 3% (hopefully more) cost of living increase below. Year 1: £45,000 frozen + 3% = £1,350 paid in lump sum Year 2: £45,000 frozen + 3% cost of living rise = £1,350 paid in lump sum

NEW! Newsletter for London Overground Members

newsletterClick '1 attachment' / file name to download the all-new RMT newsletter for staff working on London Overground, written by London Overground reps and produced by the London Transport Regional Council.

This first issue explains the new pension arrangement on the company, asks for members' views about the upcoming pay claim, and reports on other issues, including Dashboard and Revenue Protection.

Admin Grade Review

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A joint statement was presented to Company Council on December 8th 2009 in which it was decided to shelve the AGR.

At the end of the day the RMT are not about doing the best deal for the company, we are about getting the best in pay, benefits and conditions for our members.

TfL Joint Unions Pay Bulletin

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Get The Facts Right!

Warning! Don’t believe everything you hear from TfL. Managers have been telling staff that they will not receive the 75% Reimbursement after April 1st 2010 if they don’t sign the pay award acceptance form. This is untrue. Reimbursement will continue for the full length of your current season ticket, even if it expires after April 1st 2010. Maybe this was meant as an early April Fool, but it’s more likely yet another mistake from management that don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing.

Admin Jobs to be Slashed!

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Station and Trains Admin: your jobs are about to be slashed by a group of senior managers enjoying large bonuses.

A number of groups are being dismantled and there will be a large reduction in staffing levels among admin staff and other grades.

Duty Managers Jobs To Go!

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It has now come to the attention of the RMT that your jobs are about to be savagely slashed by the Senior Management! Yes the Senior Managers you supported by helping to keep stations open and trains running during strike action by the other grades and some in your own grade.

While these Senior Managers plan how to spend their bonus’s you can plan for your unemployment.