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Newsletters for RMT members in particular companies or grades

Leaflet for Duty Managers from all Unions

This leaflet - from all four unions that represent duty managers - explains why the unions are refusing to go along with LUL's plans for the grade. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.



As all of you are aware, Staff-Side have been negotiating a Duty Manager ‘Skill Framework’ similar to the model introduced for Centurion Managers.

The discussions undertaken by the ‘Sub- Committee to Company Council’, is well established and we have been meeting on a regular basis.

Leaflet for Duty Managers: Join The Fight, Stop Being Used!

This leaflet encourages duty managers to side with the workforce rather than with company management in the current dispute. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.

Duty Managers Join The Fight: Stop Being Used !

Now is your chance to let the company know you will not give them the support you once did.

As Duty Manager’s you have been totally over looked by the company
Operational Trainers are not even included in the OMR

Leaflet for Operational Trainers

This leaflet is to encourage operational trainers to be part of the all-grades fight for jobs, pay and justice. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download it. Read the text below.


Operational Trainers Join The Fight Stop Being Used !

Where are all the new recruits CSAs etc?

Why have you not seen any staff for Supervisor training / promotion? Is it cheaper to pay overtime than fill the vacancies? Train Operator promotions? How busy are you these days?

RMT Members on TfL: Vote Yes!

This leaflet urges RMT members working for TfL to vote Yes in the industrial action ballot over pay and job security. Click '1 attachment'/file name to download it. Read the text below.


Dear Comrades

Although this is a situation that may be completely new to a lot of you, because of TfL’s total intransigence on this year’s pay claim and the spectre of thousands of job cuts over the next couple of years, the RMT in support of its members has taken the decision to ballot for industrial action.

This decision has not been taken lightly. It is the culmination of many branch meetings across TfL, and following management and Trade Union meetings at the company council.

'RMT Platform' 16 March 2009 - Call This A Pay Offer?!

The new issue of 'RMT Platform' - RMT's newsletter for London Underground stations and revenue staff - condemns LUL's five-year pay 'offer', and urges all members to vote Yes in RMT's ballot for industrial action and to get involved in the union's campaigning.

It also reports on the pressure managers are putting on ticket sellers, advises members to submit grievances against snow day deductions, outlines the process for lifting the limit on transfer and promotion nominations and celebrates a victory for common sense and RMT!

RMT Service Control Newsletter March 2009

Click on the file name to download and print the March issue of the Service Control newsletter. You can read the text below.


The JWP met again in February, management advised staff side that not one SO4 had progressed to SCL2 training, we found that amazing, it was raised at company council and it has been agreed that two staff side members would assist in writing the initial assessments as they are obviously too hard.

Current agreements have been submitted to the Company Council and Ratified subject to agreements being kept!

Hammersmith and City Contact details

Just a quick note to introduce myself.

I am Jim Harding, Health and safety rep at Hammersmith train crew depot on the Circle/Hammersmith and City line I have been given the reponsibilaty of posting the issues that affect our branch/members on this website.If you need to contact me on any issue or story you would like to see on this site, jim harding or call me on 07515-331620.

Our branch meetings are held Exmouth Arms on the 1st Wednesday of every month from17:00 nearest tube is Euston Sq

Metronet is Back in LUL - But TUPE Transfer Concerns Remain


RMT Members on Metronet are rightly pleased to be returning to London Underground Ltd and public ownership after 5 years in the private sector. Though no one seemed to be listening at the time; the RMT said all along that “the PPP would end in tears”, and foresaw the huge waste of millions of pounds of tax payers money “disappearing” out to the Metronet shareholders!