Dispute On Piccadilly Line Over Cross Line Working

There is a flyer attached to this post, please distribute it amongst colleagues.

Over the last festive period Piccadilly trains ran a service down to Ealing Broadway. This was on the understanding from management it was one off and to help with the engineering works.

Why management are doing this
Management have produced the Xmas duties for this year and, again, it shows duties going to Ealing Broadway. Our union believes this is a management ploy to establish the principle of cross-line working.

No genuine reason
There is no reason for Picc line trains to run to Ealing Broadway. There are alternatives: i.e. a District Line shuttle from Acton to Ealing Broadway or a special bus service from Ealing Common. Your union believes this is a long-term ploy to make T/Ops more flexible and get us to work on different lines.

Broken promises
Management also gave us assurances last year that if any incidents happened over the areas which Picc line T/Ops were unfamiliar with then they would be looked at sympathetically. However, when a number of SPADs did happen over these areas, reps raised it with management who made it clear that these SPADs would be treated and used against T/Ops the same as any other.

Therefore your Union has gone into dispute over this with management. Management have asked for a meeting this Friday to discuss it and your reps will update you after this meeting.

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