London Underground Document Predicts Driverless Trains On Pic From 2022

The RMT has seen a London Underground document which states trains 'with or without drivers' could be introduced on the Piccadilly Line from 2022 - just eight years away. The document, which has been released as an information pack for managers to pass on to workers, also explains that Platform Edge Doors will need to be installed across the line and that preparation work for this could begin from 2016.

The RMT has been unequivocal in our opposition to driverless trains. In 2012 our former General Secretary, the late Bob Crow said "RMT reiterates this union's complete opposition to driverless trains. Every train must have a driver, to ensure the safe and effective running of the Underground." Our position remains the same.

Here is 'provisional timeline for New Tube on the Piccadilly line' from the document:

2014 The Victoria, Jubilee, Central and from later this year the Northern lines are currently driven under automatic operation, but with an operator on board.

2016 Work begins to prepare the platforms for level access and the installation of platform edge doors (PEDs). Our working assumption is that full automation is impossible without PEDs.

Read more about our campaign against driverless trains here.

Contract let to the chosen supplier for New Tube on the Piccadilly line with options for operation with and without a driver.

2020 Contract let to install PEDs on the Piccadilly line.

2022 First New Tube for London is introduced with an operator (driver) on board which slowly replaces the old stock.

2027 Earliest New Tube for London could be driverless once all New Tubes are running on the line and PEDs fully installed. There may be trials on some sections of the line before 2027 to test readiness.

Driverless Piccadilly Line doc