Piccadilly Line News – Dispute Special

Management throw policies and agreements out of the window as the RMT takes a stand for drivers.

The issues…

Following months of turning the screw on members who are sick or make mistakes at work, the “new style” management thought that we would just lie down and take it. The latest insult resulted in duty sheets being produced that attempted to rob the members at the west end of the line of 5 minutes booking on time. As soon as management got wind that this was going to unite the line against them, a new set of sheets were produced that adhered to agreements. As if by magic! This is the thin end of the wedge. Management clearly want to cut your union out and do as they please. If this is allowed to continue you will very soon come to work in fear of your job.

Their approach has already resulted in inferior facilities at Northfields, where they are without the basic facilities afforded to the syndicate leaders to help minimise the disruption to their home lives. Management have even suggested that pool operators will not be able to join the mafia when Northfields opens!

Both ends of the line have united to defend you against these attacks and you will soon receive a ballot paper asking you whether you are prepared to take action.

Vote YES to end rainbow attendance interviews which are not agreed with your union and are designed to bully and harass staff.

Vote YES to end random bullying of staff that have SPADS.

Vote YES to end random bullying of staff who make mistakes at work.

Vote YES to put an end to random ripping up of agreements by management.

Vote YES to have decent facilities at Northfields including a canteen; the right to work/life balance, and the right to join a Mafia.

Vote YES for dignity and respect at work and put an end to management bullying

Ballot papers go out in the week commencing 22nd April and must be returned by 9th May.